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Established in 1985, Juke Blues is packed with articles, interviews, news, reviews, and lots of great photos of classic American blues heroes, as well as emerging stars. It is regarded by many as the best magazine of its type, boasting a roster of international writers who are experts in their field — many of them authors of definitive books on the subject. We also feature images by renowned photographers.

The contents range from in-depth interviews/articles, to shorter pieces on ‘popular’ figures. It is the aim to give publicity to deserving but overlooked artists, as well as covering the famous legends of the music. Also included are extensive reviews of CDs, DVDs, books, festivals, news listings and reports. The magazine is in full colour throughout.

For the newcomer it can prove a goldmine of facts and info to point you in the right direction. For the really serious it often has full discographies with vinyl (and shellac!) references and label shots.

Juke Blues has had representation on Channel 4 TV and has had coverage on various BBC radio stations. One recent issue prompted this response from a Chicago critic: ‘Utter and absolute kudos on this latest issue! You’re becoming a true diaspora/roots mag, and I believe that’s exactly what ‘the blues’ has come to mean these days. It’s also exactly the approach the world — and the music — needs.’

So whether you're just discovering the real blues, or whether you've loved it for years, Juke Blues is the genuine article!

Legendary Atlantic Records chief Jerry Wexler
looks at the first-ever issue of Juke Blues in 1986!
Photo: Paul Harris
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